7 Interesting Facts About the History of Tennis

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In tennis, even the surface of the court is important. The most striking example is Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard is considered the real god of the clay yard. Of course, while he’s good on other surfaces as well, his win rate on clay is outstanding when compared to hard and grass courts. Bet on tennis h2h predictions and read a lot of interesting things here.

Another example is Dominic Thiem. As of early 2021, the Austrian has won 76% of all clay games in his career. On grass, he “only” won with 51.2%, and on hard, the probability of winning was 59.5%. So it may well be that a player whose win has a high chance actually has an edge on the surface in question. Practical tip: You can find detailed statistics on almost all players in the professional field. Information about betting on tennis https://www.tennisboard.com is here.

Sum the first round favorites into one combination. But how can you take advantage of this? It’s simple, with a combination of bets on favorites. Example: if you send a combination of three, odds of 1.3 for each are enough to represent an attractive bet. If you combine three favorite tips, each with odds of 1.3, then the total odds will already be more than 2.0, meaning you will already double your bet.

The advice on the initial favorite is still worth it, especially if it falls behind. Throughout the game, tennis players’ favorites tend to prevail because they make better use of their strengths the longer the game goes on and usually have less fluctuation in performance. Thus, a live clue about past favorites can turn out to be a real stroke of luck for you. It is interesting to know that in tennis the favorites win about 85 percent of the games.

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Break rates. In tennis, the player who serves often has the advantage. This is especially true for men’s tennis, and when playing on grass, this advantage is even greater. However, break bets can still be extremely attractive.

This is mainly due to the fact that the chances of a break are frequently very high. It is recommended to keep a close eye on the game. If you see one player, or even both, struggling to serve, it’s typically worth betting on breaks when betting live. If a returning player wins the serve game – and your courage has been rewarded – attractive prizes await.

You can use the following strategy above all when there are two players who are rated equally strong, but one of them is the favorite. You then bet on the player with the higher odds (above 2.0 anyway) at the start of the game. If that player then wins the first game, or even the first set, you can bet on another player who now has odds greater than 2.0. So you will practically not lose and make a profit in any case. Bet?

Winning in sports betting depends on the thoughtfulness of the player’s strategy. Any such strategy was developed by experts so that bettors could get the maximum winnings. But it is important to remember that such a scheme is not ideal: there are often losses.

It is better to start acquaintance with the definition of what a sports betting strategy is. This concept is understood as a range of principles and calculations formulated by experienced players in bookmakers, using certain skills. As a rule, high-quality strategies cannot guarantee a win, but they will save you from the blunders that previous bettors have already made. In this case, the scheme of control over the game bank from which the player makes bets is of particular value.


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