Danced with the creator of Zumba – Beto Perez


Ever since I was young, I always enjoyed dancing and making choreography. I remember recording music in my cassettes from the radio station and later dance to. I always enjoyed high energy rhythms.

Throughout my years of growing, I stayed connected with music but not as much for dancing like I did when I was young.

I started going to college, I got married, and had my daughter. My life changed when I entered my first Zumba class.

Never have I seen or felt so much energy in that class. All the different music styles, different rhythms, and all the different high impact energy which was so much fun. I knew this was something that I wanted to be part of and something that I wanted to do.

I became an instructor in 2017 and ever since I have not stopped doing classes. My first class was in a small nutrition club I started out with only two students.

I was a bit bummed but I knew I shouldn’t give up.

As time passed, I started applying to Gyms and fortunately they hired me so I ended up teaching about 8 classes per week.

I was doing this with a full-time job. My largest number of attendees ended up being about 50, all of whom had incredible energy!

Teaching Zumba allowed me to learn and meet many great people.

My greatest joy about teaching is knowing that the students are excited to come to my class and always smiling every time they come.

I would say the biggest satisfaction is when I teach a new song and students right away get the steps. It’s a accomplishment for both them and myself.

My unforgettable experiences throughout teaching and being an instructor, was the time I danced with the creator of Zumba Beto Perez in the Miami Dolphins football halftime show.

The unforgettable moment was dancing on stage with two of Zumba top ZES ( Zumba educational specialists) Armando Salcedo and Heidy Torres!

This made me focus on to being better and being motivated as an instructor.

(Maria Guevara Zin)


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