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Bellator MMA is a prominent MMA promotion that owns athletes including Michael Venom Page, Cris Cyborg, Yaroslav Amosov and former UFC veteran Yoel Romero. Across social media, Bellator obtained 5.96m+ social media followers, alongside 1.43m+ YouTube subscribers. Throughout this blog, you’ll discover what fan engagement tactics Bellator utilise to maximise connections with their audience alongside how they customise content per platform.


The majority of Bellator’s Twitter content is led by fight highlights, training footage, and behind-the-scenes clips covering athletes alongside using Lingojam to alternate their captions font.

Fight highlights

This content represents the Bellator brand. It’s what is captured through their broadcasts globally, and for that reason, they ensure it’s what is leading their content game. It’s carried out in various ways across Twitter, such as focusing on athlete highlights and the combination of athletes showcasing different moves alongside knockout reels.

Training footage

This is promoted in different ways, such as when fights are announced, they’ll gather images of fighters entering training camp. Alternatively, Bellator will also use this when it’s coming closer to the date of fight nights. This will also be utilised throughout trailers to amplify it further.


This involves various content avenues, including training footage, walkthroughs and photoshoot clips. It proves beneficial for many reasons. It allows fans to build emotional connections to their favourite athletes. It can be treated as ‘exclusive’ content available on premium subscription services that all help promote the upcoming event.


Lingojam is a text generator website where you can alter the font of captions you plan to use across social media. Bellator utilises this heavily throughout their content, which is eye-catching and engaging while promoting an upcoming event or occasion.

Ultimately, Twitter has proven to be an informative platform which Bellator capture by providing the latest updates throughout their events. When it comes to their live content, they even retweet their audience’s posts on occasions, promoting different elements within the moment. This helps to build connections as it’s the promotion of recognising others.


Most of Bellator’s Instagram gallery consists of Reels and Carousels utilised to promote similar content.

Reels highlight unique, different camera angles within competition moments, eye-catching knockouts, and showcasing other fighters attending events as a fan alongside celebrations taking place inside the Octagon. Reels has proven to be effective at formatting short-form content. For this reason, Bellator is utilising this unique feature function to create some.

IG Carousels are also popularly used to share behind-the-scenes photoshoots, division updates, and athlete fight highlights alongside weigh-in moments. These support Bellator capturing various short-form content moments that fans can share amongst their peers.

Effectively, Bellator’s Instagram account is used as an online gallery for their fans to see the promotion’s most commercial moments.


Bellator’s YouTube content entails recapping the promotions history, full fight/athlete highlights, and weigh-in content. These content avenues are captured through short and long-form YouTube videos. The company’s most viewed content involves fight highlights and highlights of Bellator’s favourite fighters.

The promotion’s YouTube strategy revolves around optimising long-form content to promote its core product, which is fight footage delivered through athlete-driven marketing. For example, most of their YouTube shorts videos are dominated by individual fight highlights because they’re moments that grab the audience’s attention.


Their Facebook page has over 2.4m followers, and similar avenues on other platforms dominate their content. The main unique element is promoting their own merchandise that links to their website. However, their most viewed content appears to be their fight highlights. Considering they’re utilising the merchandise function to promote their brand, this can be a more monetizable channel than their other platforms.



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Bellator’s TikTok content strategy shows inside-Octagon celebrations, fight highlights, fighters raising awareness about events taking place, and athletes demonstrating resilience alongside previews, including their catch-phrases.

Bellator’s most viewed TikTok content involves fighter previews ahead of the competition. For example, former UFC star, Yoel Romero, has featured in this heavily. Plus, bizarre moments in the Octagon appear to be eye-catching, such as when a fighter takes significant damage but remains fit to continue competing or when a move looks similar to another sport (e.g. a kick being identical to one in football).

As an overview, their TikTok content aims to showcase their favourite fan fighters through short-form formats and raise their other fighters’ awareness to a new audience. Plus, they like to show the behind-the-scenes content of some of their athletes.

To summarise, Bellator MMA’s content strategy differs for each platform. On Twitter, they tend to adopt an informative tone of voice while their content is similar to other platforms; they treat Instagram as a committed art gallery to their core fighting product, YouTube converts their product to long-form content, and Facebook helps open a new monetisation avenue and TikTok maximises impact through short-form content.

What stands out for you with Bellator’s content strategy?


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