Fitness Trainers Swear By These Easy But Genius Exercise Hacks


Kate Meier, certified USA Weightlifting L1 Trainer, certified CrossFit L1 Trainer, and a senior editor for Garage Gym Reviews, tells Bustle that her absolute favorite product to help with training is the Theraband. “I use it to warm up, stretch, perform isolation exercises, and even get a nice pump,” Meier says. “What I like most about the Theraband when compared to other bands, is that the resistance curve is very gradual. With a lot of those regular looped pull-up bands, we see a dramatic difference in how much resistance is applied at the end of the exercise versus the start. The Theraband is more consistent, making it feel more like a cable/pulley than a band.”

These bands come in a set of three different resistance levels and are made of non-latex material. Meier offers specific advice on how to get the most out of your bands, saying “I like to use the Theraband for upper back and shoulder work mostly. Before every training session, I wrap the band around a rack post at about chest height. I grab the band and perform 30-40 reverse flies, tricep pushdowns, pec flies, and straight arm lat pulldowns. This gives me such a great pump and posture reset that carries me into the workout pain-free.”


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