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Michael Gongolo was in his imperious form, beating a host of top players to win the 4th leg of National Scrabble kenya championships that came to an end today in Eldoret.

The Eldoret event, which was the last qualifier, Gongolo, who will be leading Kenya’s quest to defend the East, Central and Southern Africa Scrabble (ECASA) championships in a fortnight said the tournament was one of the toughest ever but managed to overcome the storm to win.

“This was so difficult for me. I faced very tough competition and a win did not come as easy as many may think of,” said Gongolo.

In his way to victory, he won 14 out of 18 games for the title ahead of Kenya 3 Tobias Outi and Stanley Njoroge coming in third.

With the tournament attracting neighbouring country players, Ugandan Edgar Ondongkara was squeezed in to finish in 4th position.

Odongkara will be leading the Ugandan players for this year’s ECASA tournament that will be staged in Jinja in the Ester weekend where the players will be playing 32 games in the three days.

Rank Won-Lost Spread Player Last Game
1 14–4 +1473 Gongolo, Michael (A2) 2W:473-431:A11
2 12–6 +661 Outi, Tobias (A3) 2W:384-287:A10
3 12–6 +475 Njoroge, Stanley (A11) 1L:431-473:A2
4 12–6 +468 Odongkara, Edgar (A4) 1W:481-327:A21
5 11–7 +939 Oyende, Allan (A1) 2W:507-351:A19
6 11–7 +307 Otieno, Manase (A10) 1L:287-384:A3
7 11–7 +278 Kimani, David (A6) 2W:460-455:A16
8 11–7 +214 Koyyoko, Bernard (A9) 2W:417-411:A20
9 11–7 −135 Mboya, Tom (A21) 2L:327-481:A4
10 11–7 −167 Magu, Fred (A19) 1L:351-507:A1

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