Jason Kidd’s flippant attitude toward the Mavs’ playoff fines shouldn’t come as a surprise


Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd
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The Dallas Mavericks concept music should be Drake’s “In My Feelings” for the remainder of the playoffs. That is, for the reason that head coach Jason Kidd is all in his emotions above the crew becoming (repeatedly) fined for bench violations. Kidd’s group has been strike a few instances by league authorities through this postseason, with every occasion stemming from bench misconduct. But Kidd doesn’t see the situation and would relatively blame “the media” rather.

“If you want to converse about the bench, we can talk about the bench, which is on you,” Kidd explained right before Video game 3. “We do not speak about the bench. You men did the short article on the bench, and that is how we began getting fined because you brought light-weight to it. So you men need to be spending the great.

“So the media is at fault here. But we don’t complain, and that is the truth. We lose with course, and we get with course, and which is what we’re about.”

The Mavs have been fined three times in two rounds of the playoffs for basically the identical detail. Their bench gamers and coaching workers are both standing for extended periods, having far too close to the courtroom (and becoming on it), or affecting in-game action from the sideline. It is plainly develop into a pattern. It’s often less difficult to level the finger fairly than choose obligation for your team’s actions.

No other crew has been fined all through these playoffs besides the Mavs. They’ve been dinged at the time in the Western Convention Finals and twice in the course of the semifinals in opposition to Phoenix. It’s one particular matter to make a miscalculation, but it is ridiculous to get popped for this kind of factor so many times. Or at minimum it ought to be, you’d feel.

These incidents should not overshadow the top quality of Kidd’s work with this formerly underachieving Mavs crew, but the absence of accountability in this article cannot be ignored. Deflecting blame and pointing his finger at other folks was one particular of the motives for Kidd’s dismissal in Milwaukee a couple decades ago.

Kidd knows the video game as a great deal as anybody who ever performed, but there is a lot more to coaching than just the X’s and O’s. Head coaches also handle gamers and personalities. They must also know when their players’ enthusiasm may possibly be getting in the way of what’s happening on the court.

It certain seems like Kidd does not treatment about his bench’s antics, or the fines they are spurring. And I’m really absolutely sure his billionaire boss Mark Cuban does not care considerably either, which isn’t astonishing based on studies (various allegations of a hostile workplace, sexual harassment, etc.) of how that franchise has been operate about the yrs.

Accountability from the major will trickle down, and if there is none, you can finish up with toxic function environments, as we see too often in skilled sports activities. Hopefully, Kidd and his staff will thoroughly clean this up moving forward. It wouldn’t be stunning if the Mavs continued with the same conduct, taking into consideration their mentor exhibited the exact angle toward the fines.


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