Let your body express itself


I am a professional roller dancer and I reside in Paris. I commenced figure skating on rollers at the age of 9.

This activity is visually comparable to ice skating.

We do the similar jumps and pirouettes this kind of as the flip or axel.

What I appreciate the most is the experience of sliding and when I soar, I experience like I’m flying.

I progressed as a superior-amount sportswoman in this willpower, through university I was in sports scientific studies and had adaptable schedules.

Then, at the close of my athletics occupation, I discovered and joined the roller dance business Overlook Ile, founded by Cécile Klaus. Roller dance is a combine of dance and roller skating.

I appreciate roller dance and its universe, I let my system categorical alone by mixing diverse varieties of dances.

By roller dance I specific myself and transmit my vitality.

I also like the super welcoming roller dance local community.

As a roller dancer I participated in distinct types of displays (fashionweek, Naturalia, Galerie Lafayette, Printemps), advertising shoots (Sezane, Sarenza, and numerous many others) as very well as clips.

Currently, I want to move on my passion to any person who would like to discover these two disciplines in Paris and all-around the globe.

I like viewing my learners evolve and thrive in new figures or dance steps.

(Binta Barry)


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