LIV Golf planning relegation system in 2024


LIV Golf isn’t throwing money around and signing golfers without some sort of long-term plan in place. They seem to have their playing system very carefully planned out.

SI’s Alex Miceli published a lengthy article on Monday that outlined LIV Golf’s plans for the future.

The PGA Tour rival currently has 48-player events (12 teams of four players). They plan to continue having 48 players compete in their Invitational Series events this year and next year. But after the 2023 season, they will begin to enact their long-term plan, which includes relegation and qualification.

According to SI’s article, the bottom four players will be relegated, while the top 24 finishers will keep their status. Finishers 25-44 might also not be back the following year depending on their contract status and the decisions of team captains.

LIV Golf will also have some exemptions planned for certain players based on contractual commitments. For instance, they probably would not allow their most high-profile players to be relegated.

Players who are relegated will have a chance to earn their way back to the Invitational Series through a “Promotions” event. This event will debut in 2024. The event will be open to amateur and professional players who meet certain qualifications, such as winning tours/majors/amateur events. Golfers who rank in the top 75 in the Official World Golf Rankings will be eligible to compete in this event, as will golfers ranked Nos. 2-32 on the money list from the International Series. SI shared the full details on the event.

This year’s Invitational Series is just the beginning of some grand plans for the new league.


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