Phillies fans troll Atlanta with mocking Braves chop (Video)

Phillies fans celebrated Philadelphia’s emphatic win over Atlanta in Game 3 of the NLDS by doing their own version of the Braves chop.

Friday night at Citizens Bank Park was a party as the Phillies routed the Braves to take a 2-1 lead in the NLDS.

Fans in Philadelphia cheered on their team during the 9-1 victory, but they also took the opportunity to troll the opposition by using their own chant against them.

You could hear it on the broadcast as the crowd did the Braves’ chop.

Phillies fans misstepped with mocking Braves chop

Unfortunately, this particular troll wasn’t all in good fun. It has to be noted that Braves fans have been criticized for doing the chop, which some argue is culturally insensitive toward Native Americans.

Some Phillies fans chastised their own community for engaging in that way.

Braves fans also fired back over criticism from Phillies fans specifically, only for Philadelphia to run with the chant when they had the chance.

Some Phillies fans may have been unaware of the controversy but that’s a lame excuse when the criticism has been public and regular.

The appropriateness of the Braves chop is up for debate. Some representatives of the Native American community don’t take issue with it. Some do. It’s not an easy subject to settle.

Still, when an opposing fanbase is under fire for one of their traditions having racist undertones, the best approach is probably to avoid touching it.

There are a million ways the Phillies could have mocked the Braves while leading by such a wide margin. This was one to skip.

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