Prime Volleyball League 2022 auctions LIVE Updates: Kerala’s Sethu TR gets sold thrice his base price

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s LIVE Updates of the Prime Volleyball League auctions season 2.

The cap of the players are at 18 lakh after which there would be a draw to decide which team will get the player!

Silver category- 3 lakh (base price)

  • ⦿
    Mubarak Ali, Anup, Praveen Kumar, Prince unsold!
  • ⦿
    Universal lots are in !
  • ⦿
    Sohan Kumar unsold!
  • ⦿
    Sethu TR, who was a part of Kerala’s National Games winning teams gets a strong bid between Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Bengaluru gets Sethu for 9.75 lakh!
  • ⦿
    Ashamatullah sold to Hyderabad for 5.30 lakh
  • ⦿
    AsifMon, Anandaraj, Prabagaran, Athul KP, Rahul Kataria, Piraisoodan, Rajat Chaudhary, Sunil Kumar, Ramesh Raja Sekar unsold!
  • ⦿
    George Anthony goes unsold!
  • ⦿
    Mohamed Riyazudeen from Tamil Nadu sets a bidding spree between Hyderabad and Kolkata. 6.60 lakh for Chennai, who comes in at the end and the layer is sold!
  • ⦿Abilash is unsold!
  • ⦿
    Attackers in fray!
  • ⦿Prashant Kumar goes unsold!
  • ⦿
    Lal Sujan MV goes to Hyderabad for 4.50 lakh
  • ⦿Hariharan is auctioned for 3.30 lakh to Kolkata!
  • ⦿
    Asham Ali remains unsold!
  • ⦿Prasanna Raja A A of Tamil Nadu sold to Chennai Blitz for 4.10 lakh !
  • ⦿
    Jithin N of Kerala get Hyderabad and Mumbai raise bids. He goes to Mumbai for 5.30 lakh!
  • ⦿Mohan Ukkrapandian from Tamil Nadu goes to Calicut Heroes for 3 lakh!
  • ⦿
    Setters begin the silver category bidding!

Gold category- 5 lakh (base price)

Chirag Yadav (Calicut Heroes) and Vipul Kumar (Kochi Blue Spikers) are the most expensive players in the gold category.

  • ⦿The sole libero in the gold category Prabakaran is unsold!
  • ⦿The veteran Tamil Nadu blocker G R Vaishnav goes unsold!
  • ⦿Rohit P will be a part of the Mumbai camp for a base price of 5 lakh!
  • ⦿
    Blockers list are in!
  • ⦿
    The bid for the sole universal in gold category begins as Angamuthu is brought up in the auction table. Ahmedabad Defenders gets the Tamil Nadu Universal for 7.40 lakh!
  • ⦿
    Bengaluru and Mumbai fight it out again for Hardeep Singh, who goes to Mumbai for 6.60 lakh.
  • ⦿
    Amit Gulia of Haryana, played for Black Hawk have Mumbai and Bengaluru bidding. Chennai in as Bengaluru out. Gulia will play for Mumbai Meteors for 7.10 lakh!
  • ⦿
    Services’ Chirag Yadav, Hyderabad are bent on this player as they bid while the challenger keeps changing. Calicut Heroes are willing to spend 12.25 lakh for this Services attacker!
  • ⦿Varun G S of Karnataka goes unsold!
  • ⦿Kerala’s Rahul K is back with the Kolkata Thunderbolts at 7 lakh!
  • ⦿Gagandeep Singh of Punjab goes unsold!
  • ⦿
    M Ashwin Raj, several teams bid for this lad from Tamil Nadu. However, Calicut gets him at 6.7 lakh.
  • ⦿
    The attackers draw are in !
  • ⦿
    Vipul Kumar is the only setter available in the gold category. Kochi and Calicut bid high for the Uttar Pradesh setter. Kolkata comes between. Kochi gets Vipul Kumar for 10.75 lakh!

Platinum category 8 lakh(base price)

Rohit Kumar (Kochi Blue Spikers) and Ranjit Singh (Hyderabad Black Hawks) are the most expensive players from the platinum category.

  • ⦿Ranjit Singh, a setter who was the former Bengaluru Torpedoes captain goes to Hyderabad Black Hawks 12.25 lakh!
  • ⦿Karthik A, former captain of Kochi Blue Spikers was sold to Mumbai Meteors for 10 lakh!
  • ⦿
    Ahmedabad Defenders and Mumbai Meteors fight it out LM Manoj but Calicut comes in between as Mumbai goes out. Manoj is picked by 8.75 lakh for Ahmedabad Defenders!
  • ⦿
    Mumbai Meteors and Hyderabad Black Hawks tussle for Rohit Kumar. In come the Calicut Heroes at 11.25 lakh. Kochi Blue Spikers comes in between and get him from 17.5 lakh!

International players

Hyderabad Black Hawks – Trent O’Dea from Australia, Carlos Andres Zamora from Colombia

Chennai Blitz- Renato Mendes from Brazil, Moyo Audran from Cameroon

Kochi Blue Spikers- Eduardo Romay from Peru, Walter Da Cruz from Brazil

Calicut Heroes- Jose Antonio Sandoval from Cuba, Matt Hilling from USA

Bengaluru Torpedoes- Sebastian Giraldo from Colombia, Alirza Abaldoch from Iran

Kolkata Thunderbolts- Jose Verdi from Venezuela, Cody Caldwell from Cuba

Mumbai Meteors- Brandon Greenway from USA, Hiroshi Centellas from Cuba

Ahmedabad Defenders- Danial Moatazedi from Iran, Andrew Kohut James from USA

Here are the drafts for international players!

Some players from Kerala, who have participated in PVL, felicitated for their National Games performance

Retained Players

Kolkata Thunderbolts – Vinit Kumar, Ashwal Rai  and Janshad U.

Ahmedabad Defenders- Captain Muthusamy A, Shon T John and S Santhosh,

Calicut Heroes- Jerome Vinith and Abil Krishnan.

Chennai Blitz- Akhin GS, Naveen Raja Jacob and Pinamma Prashant,

Bengaluru Torpedoes- Vinyak Rokhade, B Midhun Kumar, Pankaj Sharma.

Hyderabad Black Hawks- Guru Prasanth, Anand K and John Joseph

Kochi Blue Spikers- Venu C, Dushyanth G N and Erin Varghese

Where to watch live streaming of Prime Volleyball League auctions?

Prime Volleyball League auctions 2022 will be live streamed on the sites Facebook and Youtube LIVE.

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