Russell Wilson Trade Predicted to Land Denver Broncos in One-&-Done Playoff Purgatory by Football Outsiders


The Denver Broncos were one of several teams who made a bold move this offseason to acquire a player in the hopes that he would get them back to the playoffs.

The acquisition of Russell Wilson came at a high cost, but it has many in Broncos Country envisioning a Super Bowl this season. After all, if teams like the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals can pull it off after being a weak Wild Card team and a bottom feeder, respectively, why can’t the Broncos?

Football Outsiders‘ Mike Tanier is skeptical about this, as he anointed the Broncos a team that is contending what he calls the ‘Flat-Broke No-Future Wild-Card Challenge’, or teams that might lose in the first round of the playoffs, then find themselves in a bad position for the future.


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