The Decision to Run – All About Jogging Benefits

Many people nowadays have realized that changing their lifestyle is the key to promoting good health and longevity. Some have decided to change the way they eat, preferring more organically grown fruits and vegetables and lean meat in their diet. Some have decided to take up sports like tennis, some have started dancing, and others have become members of health and fitness gyms. Meanwhile, there are also a lot of people taking up jogging or running as part of their daily routine.

The decision to run or jog is definitely a very good one; instead of spending so much money for gym membership, you can jog around your neighborhood at less the cost. Jogging benefits are also very encouraging as this form of exercise not only makes you physically fit; it is also a great stress reliever. Jogging or running helps you keep your mind and body healthy.

If you are still having second thoughts on whether to take up jogging or not, here are some things that you should add to your list of jogging pros.

1. Jogging or running is a great cardiovascular workout. Keeping your blood pumping and your lungs expanding gives your heart and lungs the exercise it needs. It also helps in the better circulation of oxygen throughout your body.

2. Jogging or running is great for strengthening and toning your muscles. Some think that jogging benefits only include toning and strengthening the leg muscles but in fact, jogging helps all the body’s muscle groups- abdomens and arms included – because when you run, you use your whole body and not just your legs.

3. Jogging or sunning is an effective stress buster. If you are feeling depresses or anxious, running helps you counteract your state of mind. Exercise helps your system produce more endorphins which is a “happy” substance. After you run, you will be on a “natural high”.

4. Finally, jogging or running helps your digestive system to work properly. Since your whole body is active and getting more oxygen, your metabolism works faster, making sure that you digest faster and more effectively.

There are other jogging benefits but the four that have been mentioned are definitely reasons enough to help you decide to take up jogging or running. You will be forever grateful that you chose this form of exercise as a way to keep you healthy.

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