The Sports in Life – Positive Aspects

Almost all of us are familiar with the famous adage that “a healthy mind lives in a healthy body”. This very well known quote is practically proven since time immemorial and fully accepted especially among all health conscious people around the world. If a healthy body is a basic essence for a sound mind, naturally our efforts should be focused on to remain healthy and fit. To achieve this goal we require regular physical exercises. Different people use different methods for this. Some of them use meditation while a few others use conventional exercises like morning walk, attending the Gym classes etc. But majority of people prefer sports as a regular exercises for variety of reasons.
There are obvious advantages of choosing sports as a regular exercise.

1. Any sport usually involves people grouped in to two teams and the game is being played between them. In the competition, one team is declared won while other team has to accept defeat. Sometimes game end up with a tie or declared a draw. This way team member not only gets the opportunity for physical exercises for themselves but also gain the popularity, fame and financial rewards.

2. The sports inculcates and develops a competitive spirit in the minds of participants which act as an asset and offer them courage to face the life’s problems and get over it for the rest of life.

3. The sport also helps to bring in a good personality and a strong character within the participants.

4. The students who take up sports as a regular exercises find themselves usually more concentrated on their studies and more focused on to whatever they do.

5. Sports contribute tremendously in bringing and polishing the spirit of cooperation and friendship among the participants thereby enhancing their inter-personal skills.

6. Sports not only offer thrills and enjoyment to the participants but also offer a great sense of satisfaction.

7. Sportsmen generally look and feel themselves more active, dynamic and confident than the other ordinary people, especially in dealing with their life’s challenges successfully.

Innumerable benefits of sports have long drawn the attention of almost all the state governments world-wide. As a result, more and more state governments internationally started sponsoring and promoting the sports as their national interest and have made the provision to set up a full fledged sports ministry. And they started even allocating the required fund in the budget to promote the sports of their country. The governments’ main objective in this endeavor is to enhance the cooperation and friendship with their counterparts located in different parts of the world. Because every government aware that the better international relations will not only contribute to the international peace and harmony but also will help in creating conductive environment for international businesses in economic front.

The commercial organizations do the sponsorship of sports mainly to gain marketing mileage and they use this platform for advertisement to increase the sales for their products, subsequently, to improve their bottom lines.
In this way, in addition to achieving a good health for themselves, the sports men also get spill-over benefits by having a fame, popularity and money. The audience gets an excellent source of enjoyment and entertainment by watching sports on TVs or at the venues of the games being played. This arrangement really makes a perfect win-win situation which acts as ‘a sustainable robust business model’ for all participants of the society; be it the sportsmen, audience, or business men, or the state governments of the different countries.

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