Tips To Clean Your Football Boots

Have you got a pair of football boots? If so, you should take the right steps to clean them or they may not stand the test of time. We have put together some tips to help you clean your boots the right way. Read on.

Step 1: After you have come back home, loosen the laces and then remove the boots from your feet. Now, hold your boots and knock them with each other to remove the loose mud. Use a stiff brush to brush the sides of the boots.

Step 2: get a damp cloth and soak it in lukewarm water. Now, squeeze the cloth and then rub your boots with it to remove any mud from the shoes. Some mud may be stuck in the tiny grooves. You can remove it with a toothbrush.

Step 3: Get an old newspaper page and scrunch it up. Now, put it inside your boots before you store them for a long-term. This will help your boot stay in the same shape. Aside from this, the newspaper also helps your boots dry quickly as the paper will absorb water. Put your boots in a safe and dry place so that they don’t take much time to dry completely.

Step 4: Once your boots are dry, you can use a petroleum jelly or Vaseline to grease the studs. Another benefit of the petroleum jelly is that it will save the studs from rust increasing the lifespan of your shoes.

Step 5: to maintain the color of your football boots, you should make it a habit to polish them on a regular basis. After 24 hours, you can apply natural leather oil on your boots to save the leather from water damage.

Some Dos and don’ts

Some people kick their boots at the heel. While this is tempting, you should never do it as it may cause some serious damage.

Never use a wire brush on your boots as it is too harsh. Instead, you should use a brush made from a natural, soft material.

For cleaning your cleats, don’t use a cleaning agent that contains harsh chemicals. The best idea is to use lukewarm water and a clean piece of clothing.

Putting your cleats near the radiator for faster drying is not recommended either. Doing so will stiffen your cleats making them weaker.

Overuse of jelly on the studs is not a good idea either as it may loosen the studs or cut down on the friction.

After each use, you should wash your cleats. This is a good habit. Besides, don’t discard your old toothbrushes. Instead, keep them somewhere in your home and then use them for cleaning your football cleats.

So, if you have got a pair of football cleats, you should use these tips to maintain them. Keep in mind that replacing your shoes is not a piece of cake. You have to spend a good deal of money on each replacement. So, take care of your shoes so that they can last longer. Hope it will help.

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