Walt Disney World – The Perfect Food Allergy Vacation

Traveling with family members who have food allergies or lifestyle dining requirements can create a very complicated trip. It can require researching the location of restaurants and grocers who sell and prepare foods appropriate to your dining requirements. If local establishments cannot be arranged many times arrangements to pack and carry food or ship required foods to your destination must be made. These requirements can have a major influence on where, when and how long of a trip you plan. It can take the fun out of any vacation. Imagine our families surprise when we found that the best vacation location for families with food allergies and lifestyle dining requirements is Walt Disney World!

We no longer have to research restaurants, groceries, and locations nor do we ship foods. At Disney World everyone can eat together at every restaurant with their own dining requirements. I have a food allergy and Disney is always happy to help and make sure that my vacation is not ruined by a trip to the emergency room. Before you think but we don’t want to spend all of our time at theme parks, investigate further. Walt Disney World is a resort with golf, tennis, fishing, spas and best of all five-star dining.

Planning your dining at Disney is really a very simple process. It all begins when you book your vacation or when you make dining reservations. Disney requests that guests call their dining reservation center at (407) WDW-DINE and speak with a Cast Member. This is when the delicious fun begins. The cast member you speak with will help you select where you would like to dine. They will then furnish any further information you may need. Disney can accommodate most food allergies such as gluten, shellfish, soy, lactose, peanut, tree nut, fish or eggs. They also work with other allergies, allergy combinations. vegetarian, vegan and kosher diets. They make every effort to prevent the introduction of allergens or unwanted foods.

Special requests for dining are best met at table service locations through out Walt Disney World. Though each theme park has at least two locations that can provide specially requested food at a quick service location. Most restaurants have at least one item on their menu that is a suitable snack for every diet and some frozen treats can be eaten by all. The best way to be certain that suitable food is available is to ask for the chef in charge at the location you have chosen to eat.

Our last trip was a trip of thirteen people. Our group included a cinnamon allergy, a vegetarian and a celiac. Everyone had wonderful food and no one became ill after a single meal. Everyone enjoyed their vacation. We spent time boating, fishing, golfing, going to the spa and oh yeah, going to the theme parks.

My family has enjoyed our trips to Walt Disney World thanks to the wonderful chefs who make it possible. Take a vacation from worrying about food allergies. Walt Disney World has become our vacation and restaurant vacation.

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