Ways To Last Longer In Bed Without Having To Think About Football Players

If you have looked into ways to last longer in bed, you likely have come across the following classic technique:

“Think about sports during sex and you will avoid premature ejaculation!”

This has been around a long time and as mentioned, it is a classic remedy as far as ways to last longer in bed go.

Now most of the time when guys think about sports, it’s football. So let’s put this method into practice:

You are having sex with your partner. You want to avoid premature ejaculation. You start thinking about sports, specifically football. You begin running some plays in your head; envisioning the quarterback receiving the ball, the linebackers being set in motion, the tight ends doing their jobs, the receivers scrambling into position…

Anything wrong with this picture?

You are having sex and you are thinking about football players! Now if you are gay this won’t sound strange, but it still means you are placing focus away from your partner and envisioning others just in an effort to avoid premature ejaculation.

But this technique has been used by an enormous number of straight men as a way to last longer in bed. Here you have this lovely woman you are sharing intimacy with, and yet you are visually thinking about tight ends and linebackers?

Yet this technique continues to be used and offered up as a legitimate way to stop quick ejaculation.

So how can we avoid using this technique?

Well, the thing is, the football technique does actually work to some degree. It distracts the mind enough that the body holds out longer during sex. So what we want to do is find other ways to not so much “distract” the mind, but rather relax the mind.

Deep breathing during sex. This works wonders for relaxing the mind and holding out much longer than usual. During sex take slow deep breaths and focus on these breaths. Even if your body is thrusting at a decent pace, you can still slow down your mind by taking slow and deep breaths.

We want to make a distinction between your body doing the work, and your mind becoming over excited and anxious. When the mind becomes anxious then the body will become over stimulated too quickly.

Relax the mind.

The other thing we can do physically is to practice doing kegels. This is an exercise where you squeeze the muscles located between the testicles and anus. These are the muscles which control ejaculation flow. You can squeeze these to stop quick ejaculation from happening.

So this combination of deep breathing and kegel training is the absolute best way for lasting longer during sex and stopping early ejaculation from occurring.

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