September 28, 2022


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What Pros Wear: Wilson A2K vs A2000 2022 | The Verdict is In

What Pros Wear: Wilson A2K vs A2000 2022 | The Verdict is In


The Wilson A2000 is a single of baseball’s most iconic brands considering the fact that the glove’s first release in the 1950’s. The A2K arrived decades later on and begun the intense debate over which product is greater. In this comparison, we review 4 unique categories and crown the winner.

Juan Soto with his A2K JS22. You can get this product right here.

Material High quality

Contrary to the Rawlings Pro Desired vs Coronary heart of Cover debate, the products on the A2K and A2000 are pretty very similar. When it will come to the leather, the A2000 and A2K use the exact American steerhide leather-based.

Matt Chapman with his A2K 1787. He has a MC26 game product available to buy below.

In addition to the additional pick out leather-based, one more distinction between A2000 vs A2K is Double Palm building on the A2K versions. Double Palm development is a double layer in the palm to make a stronger pocket. I have utilised both and can explain to you that this element operates, and undoubtedly can help the A2K’s situation in this debate.

A final take note is that the two styles use related high quality lacing. Wilson’s lacing, in my knowledge, is inferior to Rawlings’, and neither Wilson A2K or A2000 are markedly much better than the other a person.

The A2K is going to be the much better glove substance-intelligent, but the hole between the two styles is not extensive adequate to warrant the elevated rate. Price-wise, the A2000 wins this round.

Comfort and ease

Whilst other companies have been improving the comfort of their gloves in modern decades, Wilson nonetheless places out some of the most relaxed gloves on the industry. A mix of the Dri-Lex wrist lining, cozy thumb and pinky loops, and fantastic palm lining make your hand sense right at property in a Wilson glove.

Tim Anderson with his A2000 TA7, which you can get in this article.

As it pertains to the A2K vs A2000 debate, the only difference is going to be that the A2K options a softer leather on the palm lining. It is notably extra relaxed and nevertheless durable, and it ideas the scales in favor of the A2K in the convenience group.

Offered Types

At the time of producing this, there are 65 accessible A2000 types and 32 readily available A2K models. Simply because of the extremely selective character of the A2K leather, which boundaries the uncooked elements that “qualify,” there are often heading to be a lot of extra A2000 types than A2K at any given time.

Jose Abreu with his A2K JAB79. You can get one particular of your possess below.

In addition, the A2000 have much more innovative colorways, whilst the A2K styles are normally more conventional in their design and style. Whilst eye-catching layouts are fantastic for some gamers, several will favor the understated seems that the A2K delivers.

This classification is likely to be a draw. The further A2000 versions is amazing, and you can get some basic-on the lookout A2000 versions, but the A2K is persistently one particular of the classiest searching gloves on the marketplace.


Some MLB gamers who use an A2000 model include Vlad Guerrero Jr., Andrew Benintendi, Dansby Swanson and Jose Ramirez. Some notable A2K buyers incorporate Juan Soto, Matt Chapman, and Mookie Betts.

Mookie Bett’s A2K MB50. The same model can be uncovered for sale listed here.

The WPW databases and Wilson Glove Working day videos and observed that numerous additional MLB gamers go into battle with an A2000 design than an A2K design.

The A2000 wins the MLB use group. Far more pro gamers are selecting an A2000 when presented with a bag of A2000’s and A2K’s.

My Verdict

A very last significant change involving the designs is their price tag. New A2K’s will run you $400, though new A2000’s will value $300.

Offered this $100 change and the types we analyzed previously mentioned, we are heading to say that the A2000 is a superior glove for the vast majority of gamers. As said previously, the dissimilarities concerning the types aren’t as pronounced as with Rawlings Pro Desired vs Coronary heart of the Cover, building it challenging to crown the additional highly-priced A2K more than the A2000.

The most critical point is that you will not regret going with the extra affordable solution in this scenario. Below are some of our beloved A2000 designs:


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