Writing a Newspaper Article – How to Write Articles For Broadsheets

Writing for broadsheets is far more demanding compare to writing for tabloids. You need to be very extra careful when choosing the writing elements that you’re going to use and you need to pay close attention even to smallest details.

Here’s how you can write effective articles for broadsheets:

1. Be choosy when picking your stories. Your audience will not care so much about police reports and local news. These people are usually looking for hard-hitting news or those stories that have direct impact on their lives. You’ll be able to capture their attention if you talk about recent issues in the government, economy, and politics. They’ll also appreciate news about entertainment and sports.

2. Make it sound formal. Unlike when writing articles for the web or for lifestyle magazines, you’re not encouraged to use conversational tone when writing for broadsheets. Your articles must all sound business-like all the time and they must be free from colloquial terms.

3. Break down your articles into several paragraphs. Your readers will be more than happy to spend their time reading your articles if you make them easy on the eyes. So, I suggest that you break them down into several but short paragraphs.

4. Keep it short. There is no need to use 1,000 words when you can explain your topic using 500 words or less. Learn the effective ways on how you can keep your content short but very, very tight. It will help if you focus on the most essential information and if you discard those data that are not really interesting to your readers.

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