Yelan sales continue to outperform major Genshin Impact characters in China and Japan


New profits details is accessible for Yelan and Xiao’s banners, and they are seemingly executing incredibly perfectly relative to other Genshin Impression people in China and Japan. It is only Working day 4, so the info is a little bit preliminary and could be off by the time their Party Needs are in excess of. On the other hand, it does exhibit that these two common people are undertaking extremely very well at the minute.

Yelan surpassing Raidens day 1 sales is crazy. Thrilled to see how it close ups by the stop of banner

There are some significant discrepancies in the data really worth mentioning prior to diving into the major section of this report. Initially, the Chinese Genshin Impression figures only consider iOS into thought. The info is also based mostly on what is actually at the moment uncovered about it, so it’s not most likely to be far too much off.

Next, the Japanese Genshin Affect figures are centered on an in general estimate based mostly on recent product sales information and some device AI. It is just not as trustworthy as the Chinese revenue figures, but it is however some thing that some Genshin Effect players could wish to see.

Yelan and Xiao’s banners are undertaking far better than most Genshin Impression banners in China and Japan

The Chinese iOS sales by Day 4 (Image via Genshin Lab)
The Chinese iOS sales by Day 4 (Picture through Genshin Lab)

The earlier mentioned figures present off some iOS income by Day 4 (which is when this short article would be posted). As of right now, Yelan and Xiao’s banner in Genshin Influence 2.7 has designed $15,957,392, putting them in third position.

That amount will go on to rise long immediately after this article is posted, still that will not alter the point that it is really ranked third in general in the Chinese iOS sector.

The only types that created extra revenue in a similar timeframe are:

  1. Raiden Shogun’s debut
  2. Raiden Shogun & Kokomi’s reruns

It is truly worth mentioning that some banners have alternated placements all over the upcoming days, so it doesn’t essentially promise that Yelan and Xiao’s banner will be rated 3rd on the Chinese iOS marketplace permanently. For case in point, Yelan and Xiao were being variety one on Day 1.

So significantly, it is really only Working day 4, indicating that there are above two months remaining to keep an eye on for Yelan and Xiao’s results. As of correct now, they’re outperforming all but two banners.

Japanese product sales figures

Some Japanese data (Image via
Some Japanese info (Impression by way of video

The initially little bit of Japanese below refers to the date of the banner. Yelan’s banner is known to have started out on May perhaps 31, 2022, and will stop on June 21, 2022. The additional suitable aspect is the next line, which is the product sales forecast. According to activity-i.daa, Yelan’s banner is predicted to make almost 2.877 billion yen. They calculated this forecast as a result of:

“Statistical information, regression examination, and device prediction by AI.”

Consequently, it is an estimate based mostly on present-day product sales, which is evidently high ample to give this kind of a substantial estimate. It is not guaranteed to be correct, specifically with above two weeks remaining. This knowledge would fall in line with the present, far more credible Chinese gross sales figures.

The third Japanese line in this impression is the in general rating, which places this banner in second position out of the 30 banners’ info the web site has. In Japan, Venti and Ayato’s banner is quantity a single with roughly 3.201 billion yen. For reference, the recent Chinese revenue display the banner in 3rd area, which just isn’t also considerably off.

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