Pep Guardiola Has to Defend Jack Grealish

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Jack Grealish has a rough start with his new team. Many factors contribute to, arguably, the poor performance of a gifted Aston Villa alumni. After signing with Manchester City in August 2021, the attacking midfielder did not show the same level of efficiency as he demonstrated during his top season at AV.

In a recent press conference, Pep Guardiola had to answer tough questions from journalists doubting the most expensive signing of an English player (Grealish cost over $120 million). Ultimately, the manager for MC stated that he was “delighted to work with Grealish” adding that the player was signed to score and assist, but to create opportunities.

Manchester City may not be the right fit for Grealish

While many praised this young attacking midfielder for being very active on the field and creating space with his movements and aggressive ball control, others pointed out that his performance is far from his potential peak. Many factors come into play when analyzing his results with Manchester City.

First of all, Grealish is a former student of the Aston Villa football school he joined at the age of six. He has been playing with Villa for 20 years. Changing the environment could be a move that affected his psychological state by pushing him out of his comfort zone. Without the same infrastructure, playing on the same level is often difficult.

At the same time, many experts have been quite harsh on him with many accusing the player of diving and making unnecessarily flashy moves when there are opportunities to make simple passes and get an assist.

To top it all off, the public image of the player is also questionable with his escapades during the celebration of the signing making rounds in the community of Premier League fans.

Fans speculate that he may go back to Aston Villa

The underwhelming performance and the lack of potential with Manchester United made many fans speculate whether he will be returning to Aston Villa prematurely. He is surely a great fit for them, but may not be the right person to complete the MC roster.

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